Following the epic cliffhanger in volume one, The Golden Age Book 2 concludes this exciting, medieval graphic novel duology.

Tilda began her journey wanting to free her people from the iron fist of the ruling class―but she has lost her way. Obsessed with reclaiming her stolen throne, she forces her army to continue waging a futile war without pay or food. She has become what she hated: a heartless ruler. And the threat of rebellion begins to boil.

To save Tilda from herself, Tankred forges a secret alliance with Hellier, the leader of the populous revolution. With their help, Tilda could win the war. But she’d have to give her power back to her people. Will Tilda realize the error of her ways and help her people be truly free? Or will the kingdom burn?

Format :GENEL
Barkod :9781250237958
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