Gotham City has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Fortunately, its citizens are protected by a shadowy avenger who is always ready to take on an endless stream of villains and to solve the most baffling crimes—the Batman.

Bruce Wayne’s latest ward, Tim Drake, has all the makings of becoming the greatest Robin yet. He’s intelligent, athletic, and levelheaded, and his detective skills rival those of his mentor. However, every Boy Wonder who has come before has endured tragedy, and Tim may be no exception when his parents are marked for death by the sinister Obeah Man. Will the Dark Knight stop the Obeah Man in time, or must Tim face a deadly rite of passage in order to be worthy of inheriting the mantle of Robin?

In another adventure, an old debt of honor brings Bruce Wayne back to Japan, pitting him against the man who trained him. It’s former student versus master—and only one of them will come out alive.

Join the legendary team of ALAN GRANT (Batman: Shadow of the Bat), NORM BREYFOGLE (Batman), and STEVE MITCHELL (Detective Comics) for another tome of thrilling tales in Batman: The Dark Knight Detective Volume 5, collecting Detective Comics #612-614 and #616-621, and Detective Comics Annual #3.
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