Authority Volume 2 TPB

The Authority, now under Jack Hawksmoor's leadership following Jenny Sparks' death at the end of the 20th Century, face multiple foes such as a mad scientist and his army of superhumans who wanted to influence the 21st Century through Jenny Spark's successor Jenny Quantum, a previous Doctor who manipulated the Earth itself, and a duplicate team of superheroes modeled on the Authority that was created and backed by the G7 group of nations.

Collects THE AUTHORY #13-29

Yazar: Mark Waid, Doselle Young, Tom Peyer

Çizer: Frank Quietely, Trevor Scott, Chris Weston, Garry Leach, John McCrea, Dustin Nguyen, Richard Friend, Jason Martin, Derek Fridolfs, Arthur Adams, Tim Townsend, Gary Erskine, 

416 Sayfa

Authority Volume 2 TPB

  • Marka: DC Comics
  • Ürün Kodu: YC000452
  • Stok Durumu: Stokta var
  • 566,67 TL

Etiketler: authority, midnighter, apollo, mark waid, doselle young, tom peyer, frank quietely, trevor scott, chris weston, garry leach, john mccrea, dustin nguyen, richard friend, jason martin, derek fridolfs, arthur adams, tim townsend, gary erskine, dc comics, vertigo, wildstorm

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