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Prison School, Vol. 1 Yeni 2-3 Gün

Prison School, Vol. 1

On the outskirts of Tokyo stands Hachimitsu Private Academy, anall-girls boarding school for elite y..

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Your Turn to Die: Majority Vote Death Game, Vol. 1 Tükendi

Your Turn to Die: Majority Vote Death Game, Vol. 1

Joe Tazuna has always been the most selfless person Sara Chidouin has ever known, someone she could ..

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Vol. 1: The Ways of the Monster Nation

With all its innovations, the kingdom of Tempest—founded by the demon lord Rimuru—is a veritable par..

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Love at Fourteen, Vol. 7

Whether it's pondering blood types or investigating the seven wonders of the school for the class ne..

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Love at Fourteen, Vol. 6

As Class 2-B makes landfall in Kyoto, everyone's talking about who's going to confess to whom. Amids..

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Love at Fourteen, Vol. 5

On the heels of the sports festival comes the biggest middle school event yet--the class trip! But b..

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Love at Fourteen, Vol. 2

Amid the hormones and the angst of middle school adolescence, Kazuki and Kanata go from being boy an..

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Slasher Maidens, Vol. 2

Having fended off the attack on the hospital, Asuma hopes to get back to a quiet life of stealing pa..

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Mieruko-chan, Vol. 2 Tükendi

Mieruko-chan, Vol. 2

Salt, useless. Prayer beads, no dice.Disinfectant—mildly effective.Miko’s fruitless attempts at ward..

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Mieruko-chan, Vol. 1 Tükendi

Mieruko-chan, Vol. 1

A normal girl was living a normal life-until she wasn't.One day, she could see...everything. What's ..

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Days on Fes, Vol. 1

Kanade Sora has never been to a music festival before. But when her friend Otoha lures her along wit..

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After-school Hanako-kun Tükendi

After-school Hanako-kun

EXPOSÉ! FIND OUT WHAT THE SCHOOL MYSTERIES DO AFTER SCHOOL!​The ghostly Hanako-kun and his mortal as..

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I'm the Catlords' Manservant, Vol. 1 Tükendi

I'm the Catlords' Manservant, Vol. 1

AT THE MERCY OF THE FELINE MASTERYukiharu Izumi just wants one thing—to be a normal high school stud..

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Dear NOMAN Vol. 1

Ever since she was little, Mashiro has been able to see ghosts—of people, of animals, and of some st..

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I Love You So Much, I Hate You Tükendi

I Love You So Much, I Hate You

18 yaş ve üzeri için uygundurWhat do work and love have in common? They can both take over your life..

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