Watch out, Flash...this time, the trick's on you!

No one can pull a trick like James Jesse, the original Trickster. As a member of Flash's Rogues Gallery, Jesse was disrespectful, disregarded, adn finally supplanted by a new, flashier Trickster. But you cna't beat the original...and for his next trick, Jesse is going to change Flash's world forever!

Barry Allen's life has already been turned upside down by the death of a beloved speedster and the demise of his relationship with Iris West. Now he returns to Central City to find something he's never seen before: everyone's happy. Unsettingly happy. Unnaturally happy.

But Flash can't get in on the good vibes when there's a mystery to solve. On top of all the other weirdness, Flash's ally form the future, Commander Cold, has disappeared. All the clues point to something going on at Iron Heights Prison, so that's where Barry starts his investigation.

But you know what they say: the most important part of any trick is misdirection. And while Flash thinks he's solving one mystery, the Trickster is about to pull off his greatest trick right under Barry's nose...and make himself a leegend among all Rogues!

Fan-favorite creators Joshua Williamson (Batman/The Flash: The Button) and Scott Kolins (Blue Beetle) continue their epic run with the Fastest Man Alive! Collects The Flash #66-69 and Annual #2.

Format :Kitap
Barkod :9781779500328
Yayın Tarihi :0000-00-00
Sayfa Sayısı :144
Boyut :6 X 0.3
Emeği Geçenler :
Yazar   : Joshua Williamson
Resimleyen (Çizer)   : Tom Taylor
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