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Attack on Titan 5

CAN YOU GO HOME AGAIN?   Thanks to Eren, humanity has taken the town of Trost back from the T..

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Attack on Titan 4

HUMANITY PUSHES BACK!   The Survey Corps develop a risky gambit – have Eren in Titan form att..

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Attack on Titan 2

BIRTH OF A MONSTER   The Colossal Titan has breached humanity’s first line of defense, Wall M..

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American Vampire Vol. 4 TPB

AMERICAN VAMPIRE flashes back to two very distinct points in American history. The first tale comes ..

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American Vampire Vol. 2 TPB

While trafficking in a bestselling sub-genre, AMERICAN VAMPIRE introduces a new strain of vampire — ..

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American Vampire Vol.1 TPB

This volume follows two stories: one written by Snyder and one written by King. Snyder's story is se..

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Batman Beyond Batgirl Beyond TPB

Terry McGinnis (the Batman of the future) and an elderly Bruce Wayne (the original Batman) are the s..

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Habibi Tükendi


From the internationally acclaimed author of Blankets (“A triumph for the genre.”—Library Journal), ..

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