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Royal City Volume 1

In his most ambitious and most personal project to date, JEFF LEMIRE spins the captivating and engag..

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Retired serial killer Edwyn Stoffgruppen is in love with Virginia, a girl he “met online.” Her affec..

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Ringside Volume 2

Writer Joseph Keatinge (SHUTTER) and debut artist Nick Barber will bring their ongoing noir drama, R..

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Port of Earth Volume 1

PORT OF EARTH: Imagine if aliens came to Earth not in war or peace, but with a business deal: open u..

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Paradiso Vol 1: Essential Singularity

A cataclysmic event, now remembered only as `The Midnight', led to the collapse of civilization..

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The Old Guard Vol. 1 - Opening Fire

Collecting the critically acclaimed mini-series by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez. Old soldiers ne..

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Moonstruck Vol. 1- Magic to Brew

Werewolf barista Julie and her new girlfriend go on a date to a close-up magic show, but all heck br..

65,68 TL

Hadrian's Wall

When an astronaut on HADRIAN’S WALL is murdered, pill-popping detective Simon Moore is dispatched to..

131,36 TL

Head Lopper Vol. 2

In a quiet region of the world, an ancient evil stirs. The CRIMSON TOWER is awake! Blood has not wet..

111,66 TL

Hinges Vol. 3 - Mechanical Men

Adrift without Bauble, Orio returns to the only comfort she has left in the city of Cobble. But dark..

105,09 TL

Hinges Vol. 2 - Paper Tigers

Orio and Bauble have settled nicely into the city of Cobble. But as more of Bauble's nature reveals ..

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Hinges Vol. 1 - Clockwork City

HINGES is a fantasy webcomic, turned graphic novel, about a doll named Orio and her troubling compan..

105,09 TL

The Few

Critically lauded writer and playwright SEAN LEWIS follows up the cult favorite SAINTS with his newe..

131,36 TL

Carnet de Voyage

A unique insight into an acclaimed cartoonist’s travels through Europe and MoroccoRiding the interna..

144,50 TL

Black Cloud Volume 1: No Exit

Zelda's about to start a war of dreams. In the days when story and reality were one, the old bl..

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