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Aquaman Vol. 5: The Crown Comes Down

Once, Aquaman was King of Atlantis ... but his crown was stripped from him and given to Corum Rath. ..

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New Suicide Squad Vol. 4: Kill Anything

Killed in action. That’s the official story on the Suicide Squad, the crack team of the world’s most..

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Harley Quinn Vol. 6: Black, White and Red All Over

Harley Quinn knows all about mad love, but she’s put all that behind her. Now she’s an independent, ..

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Harley Quinn Vol. 4: Surprise, Surprise (Rebirth)

Harley Quinn’s got her own definition of family. The gang of misfits, weirdos and two-fisted freaks ..

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Titans Vol. 2: Made in Manhattan (Rebirth)

The acclaimed team of Dan Abnett (AQUAMAN) and Brett Booth (TEEN TITANS) bring the high-flying hero ..

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Nightwing Vol. 4: Blockbuster (Rebirth)

Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, has adopted Blüdhaven as his home, and it’s his mission to ke..

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Nightwing Vol. 5: Raptor's Revenge (Rebirth)

Assassin. Vigilante. Mentor. And now nemesis. From his career as one of the Court of Owls' hired kil..

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Harley Quinn Vol. 5: Vote Harley (Rebirth)

If you thought politics were a dirty business already, wait till you get a load of Quinn!Ever since ..

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Titans Vol. 3: A Judas Among Us (Rebirth)

The Titans are more than just a team. They're friends, bonded by years of shared history and experie..

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The Flash Vol. 6: Cold Day in Hell

Iron Heights is the toughest penitentiary in Central City--tough enough to hold rogues like Captain ..

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Batman: The Dark Knight Detective Vol. 1

In these stories that immediately followed BATMAN: YEAR ONE, the Caped Crusader learns what kind of ..

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Rebels: A Well-Regulated Militia

This is 1775. With the War for Independence playing out across the colonies, young Seth and Mercy Ab..

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Mae's beloved older sister, Abbie, has been missing for years. Mae has her theories about where Abbi..

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The Death of Superman

One of the best selling graphic novels of all time is back in a new edition. Can even Superman stop ..

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Green Arrow Vol. 5: Hard Travelin' Hero (Rebith)

They're called the Ninth Circle--a criminal bank that funds war, terror and carnage, all in the name..

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