Titans Vol. 3: A Judas Among Us (Rebirth)

The Titans are more than just a team. They're friends, bonded by years of shared history and experiences. But when the trust between members starts to fray, will the team itself fall apart?

Together, the Titans' mission is to infiltrate H.I.V.E. and restore Bumblebee's stolen memories, but the team is still reeling from Nightwing's collusion with their enemy Deathstroke. Meanwhile, Arsenal processes his feelings for his teammate Donna Troy, but Donna instead turns to comfort from Wally West, who is himself struggling with an injury that may never fully heal. 

Worst of all, Omen foresees doom in a psychic vision: one of the Titans will betray the team...and possibly destroy the world! With tensions between Titans at an all-time high, how can they possibly trust each other?

Collects TITANS #12-18.

Titans Vol. 3: A Judas Among Us (Rebirth)

  • Marka: DC Comics
  • Ürün Kodu: 9781401277598
  • Stok Durumu: Stokta var
  • 98,76 TL

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