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Green Arrow 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1

Green Arrow 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of August..

86,50 TL

Marauders by Gerry Duggan Vol. 2

THE TREASURE OF ISLAND M! As Verendi's plans against Krakoa grow, the Marauders find themselves miss..

155,85 TL

Excalibur by Tini Howard Vol. 2

THE HUNTSMEN AND THE WARWOLVES! Excalibur faces an old foe - this time as the hunters rather than th..

155,85 TL

X-Force by Benjamin Percy Vol. 2

MISS FORTUNE STRIKES! Domino's luck seems to be changing... Can she find the source of her misfortun..

155,85 TL

New Mutants by Ed Brisson Vol. 1

Deep in Shi'Ar space, the NEW MUTANTS have found themselves dead in the middle of an intergalactic p..

173,17 TL

Cable By Gerry Duggan Vol. 1

The dawn of rebellion! Cable used to be a grizzled old veteran of dozens of future wars — and someda..

138,54 TL

Empyre: X-Men

Alien plants versus mutant zombies! Plant people from outer space have come to Earth as part of the ..

155,85 TL

X-Factor by Leah Williams Vol. 1

Mutants have conquered death! By the grace of the Five, the resurrection protocols of the island nat..

129,88 TL

King in Black

Darkness reigns! After a campaign of terror across the galaxy, Knull’s death march reaches Earth — a..

216,47 TL

The Metabarons Hardcover

 grand scale space opera about family, sacrifice, and survival told within an immense universe,..

562,81 TL

The Technopriests Hardcover

After the Greek tragedy of "The Metabarons," Alexandro Jodorowsky comes back to his biblical roots w..

502,20 TL

The Ring of the Seven Worlds

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action/Adventure and Manga all blend into this Steampunk saga about interconnected ..

251,10 TL

States of Mind

A glimpse into the life of a vivacious young woman whose brilliant mind is caught in the ebbs and fl..

155,85 TL

The White Lama Hardcover

Late 19th century Tibet, after the Grand Lama Mipam dies, Gabriel, the orphan of white explorers, is..

398,30 TL

Trilogy USA Hardcover

Corruption, violence, decay: European comics master Hermann and the up-and-coming writer Yves H. tak..

173,17 TL