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Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil (New Edition) Yeni

Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil (New Edition)

Young orphan Billy Batson finds himself wielding truly amazing magic powers - just in time to face a..

106,22 TL

Flash Rogues: Reverse Flash Yeni

Flash Rogues: Reverse Flash

The origin and first appearances of Reverse-Flash are captured here in The Flash Rogues: Reverse-Fla..

90,28 TL

Aquaman by Peter David Book One

Re-experience the beginning of Peter David's iconic run on Aquaman, which shaped the life of Atlanti..

159,36 TL

Crude Volume 1

Killers once feared Piotr Petrovich. Now, they’ve sent his son home to him, in a body bag. Haunted b..

90,28 TL

Unnatural Vol. 1 Tükendi

Unnatural Vol. 1

Leslie J. Blair is a simple pig girl, she loves sushi and she is trapped in a job that she hates. Sh..

53,09 TL

Gasolina Vol. 2

Randy and Amalia have struck the first blow against the supernatural cartel Los Queridos. As the cou..

90,28 TL

Scarlet Book 2

Scarlet's one-woman American Revolution has spread: she has now declared war on a city strangled fro..

79,66 TL

Scarlet Book 1

Scarlet is the story of a woman pushed to the edge by all that's wrong with the world. A woman who d..

106,22 TL

Batman Vol. 7: The Wedding

As Bruce and Selina prepare to tie the knot, the time-traveling hero called Booster Gold crashes the..

90,28 TL

Batman Vol. 6: Bride or Burglar

Not long after Batman announces his engagement to Catwoman, he and Wonder Woman are called to honor ..

90,28 TL

Gideon Falls Volume 1: The Black Barn Tükendi

Gideon Falls Volume 1: The Black Barn

A brand-new ongoing horror series from the acclaimed best-selling creative team of Old Man Logan and..

53,09 TL

X-Men: Phoenix Rising

The mother of all back-from-the-dead stories! Jean Grey was touched by cosmic power, Jean Grey went ..

30,00 TL

Civil War: Black Panther

The royal couple, King T'Challa and Queen Ororo, embark on a diplomatic tour that will have them spa..

106,22 TL

Captain Marvel: Earth's Mightiest Hero Vol. 2

Captain Marvel and the Avengers face the enemy within! When vicious echoes from the past of Earth's ..

159,36 TL

Captain Marvel: Earth's Mightiest Hero Vol. 1

Carol Danvers has a new codename and is determined to prove herself the best of the best! She's forg..

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