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From one of the great comic innovators, the long-awaited fulfillment of a pioneering comic vision. R..

241,59 TL

Elsewhere Vol. 1

COPPERHEAD writer JAY FAERBER teams with rising star SUMEYYE KESGIN to unveil ELSEWHERE -- the fanta..

69,02 TL

East of West Volume 3: There Is No Us

"East of West has proven to be one of the most compelling new comic series on the market... ..

103,54 TL

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 8: Blood of Hereos

THERE’S A NEW BAT IN TOWN With Bruce Wayne sidelined—perhaps permanently—former Commissioner Jim ..

124,24 TL

Mind The Gap Volume 2: Wish You Were Here

New threats arise as the curtains pull back to reveal some of the most shocking secrets surroundi..

103,54 TL

Black Science Volume 2: Welcome, Nowhere

"Readers and comics fans who prefer their sci-fi full of weird creatures, complicated world building..

103,54 TL

Injustice : Tanrılar Aramızda Birinci Yıl Cilt 1 -20%

Injustice : Tanrılar Aramızda Birinci Yıl Cilt 1

Tanrılar Aramızda ! Superman ; Dünyanın en güçlü kahramanı. Ama Çelik Adam en çok değer verdiği kiş..

207,07 TL 165,66 TL