2000 AD


Judge Dredd: The Small House: The Small House

The critically-acclaimed and fan-lauded latest Judge Dredd tale which sent shockwaves through the un..

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Judge Dredd: Nobody Apes The Law

This swinging anthology of ape-related stories explore what happens when criminals try to monkey aro..

173,27 TL

Judge Dredd: Heavy Metal Dredd

Dredd gets turned up to 11 in this pulse-pounding collection of stories featuring Mega-City One's fi..

164,61 TL

Judge Dredd: Control

The psychopathic SJS Judge Pin murders officers that fall short of her standards, and Judge Dredd is..

199,26 TL

Judge Dredd: Tour of Duty – Mega-City Justice (Judge Dredd: Tour of Duty Series Book 2)

WILL DREDD BE THE NEXT CHIEF JUDGE?Having sidelined JUDGE Dredd intomanaging the Cursed Earth mutant..

225,25 TL

Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Fourth Faction

Legendary Judge Dredd-co-creator John Wagner has written the longest, most eventful and world-shatte..

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Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Fallout

RISING FROM THE ASHES!After ‘Chaos Day’, Mega-City One is a mere shadow of its former self. The popu..

233,91 TL

Judge Dredd Case Files 31

RETURN OF THE HAG! The galaxy's number one bounty hunter, Trapper Hag, has escaped his Iso-Cube pris..

242,58 TL

Dark Justice: Dominion

A new original hardcover continuing the story of the Dark Judges – 2000 AD’s most iconic villai..

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Counterfeit Girl

A dystopian cyberpunk thriller of identity theft, sentient diseases and fake news, from comics’ best..

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Complete Nemesis the Warlock

Termight, a world at the heart of a cruel galactic empire. A world devastated by nuclear warfare. De..

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