Jonathan Cape

Polina Hardcover -10% Tükendi

Polina Hardcover

A stunning new graphic novel about dance by a brilliant young French author—absorbing and thrillingl..

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Collecting Sticks -10%

Collecting Sticks

Observer Graphic Novel of the MonthCollecting Sticks is a graphic novel about a family glamping trip..

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The Making Of -10%

The Making Of

Paperback: 224 pagesPublisher: Jonathan Cape; 01 edition (November 2, 2017)Language: English..

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Cassandra Darke -10%

Cassandra Darke

Cassandra Darke is an art dealer, mean, selfish, solitary by nature, living in Chelsea in a house wo..

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Safe Area Gorazde -10%

Safe Area Gorazde

In late 1995 and early 1996, cartoonist/reporter Joe Sacco travelled four times to Gorazde, a UN-des..

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Notes From A Defeatist -10%

Notes From A Defeatist

Sacco paved the way for Palestine with his powerful triptych on modern war and its innocen..

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Bumf -10%


Joe Sacco is renowned for his non-fiction books of comics journalism like Palestine, Safe Area&..

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Footnotes in Gaza -10%

Footnotes in Gaza

Rafah, a town at the southernmost tip of the Gaza Strip, is a squalid place. Raw concrete buildings ..

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Palestine -10%


In late l991 and early 1992, at the time of the first Intifada, Joe Sacco spent two months with the ..

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Tamara Drewe -10%

Tamara Drewe

Winner of the Grand Prix 2009 de la Critique Bande Dessinée.Tamara Drewe has transformed herself. Pl..

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The Fixer -10%

The Fixer

In The Fixer Joe Sacco returns to Bosnia, the setting for his first masterpiece, Safe Area Gorazde. ..

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Exit Wounds HC -10%

Exit Wounds HC

Set in modern-day Tel Aviv, a young man,Koby Franco, receives an urgent phone call from a female sol..

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Patience HC -10%

Patience HC

Patience is an indescribable psychedelic science-fiction love story, veering with uncanny precision ..

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