Ultimate Comics Captain America Tükendi

Ultimate Comics Captain America

Captain America meets his ultimate nemesis: the Captain America of the Vietnam War! As new enemies f..

15,00 TL

Hulk: Son of Hulk - Dark Son Rising

After the recent cataclysmic events, the Son of Hulk is abandoned, wandering aimlessly and alone, tr..

15,00 TL

Secret Avengers by Rick Remender - Volume 1

Captain America has handpicked Hawkeye to take over his covert Avengers squad - as long as the world..

20,00 TL

Secret Avengers - Volume 1: Reverie Tükendi

Secret Avengers - Volume 1: Reverie

The new Nick Fury leads an all-new, ultra-covert Avengers strike team including Hawkeye, Black Widow..

18,00 TL

Mighty Avengers Volume 1: No Single Hero -70%

Mighty Avengers Volume 1: No Single Hero

Infinity tie-in! The Avengers' main squad is light-years away in space, contending with the Builders..

95,65 TL 28,70 TL

Avengers Academy Volume 2: Will We Use This in the Real World?

Hank Pym returns to his greatest role! That's right, Giant-Man is back! Then, the Avengers ..

20,00 TL

Ultimate Comics Ultimates by Jonathan Hickman - Volume 2

Can Nick Fury pick up the pieces of his broken team? Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye and the Ultimates are t..

20,00 TL

Shadowland: Thunderbolts Tükendi

Shadowland: Thunderbolts

THE THUNDERBOLTS VS. THE AVENGERS! Luke Cage sends the Thunderbolts into the heart of Shadowland - w..

16,00 TL

Runaways: Homeschooling Tükendi

Runaways: Homeschooling

New creative team! Cataclysmic new direction! In this volume, one Runaway will die, and one Runaway ..

15,00 TL

Shadowland: Blood on the Streets Tükendi

Shadowland: Blood on the Streets

Silver Sable, Paladin, Misty Knight and the Shroud! Four very different heroes, all ensnared in a mu..

16,00 TL

Also Known As

1st printing. Written by Tony Lee. Art by Christopher Jones and Charlie Kirchoff. Cover by Andrew Ni..

53,14 TL

Covenant Volume 1: Siege

Volume 1 - 1st printing. "Siege!" Collects Covenant (2015 Image) #1-5. Written by Rob Liefeld. Art b..

53,14 TL

Pix Volume 1: One Weirdest Weekend

1st Edition - 1st printing. Story and art by Gregg Schigiel. Teenager! Superhero! Fairy Princess? Ma..

53,14 TL

Crawl Space XXXombies

Volume 1 - 1st printing. Collects Crawl Space: XXXombies (2007) #1-4. Written by RICK REMENDER, TONY..

53,14 TL

Citizen Jack

Written by Sam Humphries. Art and Cover by Tommy Patterson. A HORROR-COMEDY FOR ANYONE WHO HATES POL..

53,14 TL