Thor: The Deviants Saga -70% Tükendi

Thor: The Deviants Saga

Beneath the ruins of Asgard, the Deviant villainess Ereshkigal seeks a mystic means of saving her ra..

100,13 TL 30,04 TL

Mystery Men -70% Tükendi

Mystery Men

Introducing Marvel's all-new, never-before-seen heroes of the 1930s! With a new evil washing over an..

88,35 TL 26,50 TL

New Avengers, Vol. 3 -70% Tükendi

New Avengers, Vol. 3

The hammer falls! With the help of legions of disaffected former H.A.M.M.E.R. agents, Norman Osborn ..

88,35 TL 26,50 TL

New Avengers, Vol. 2 -70%

New Avengers, Vol. 2

1959: under presidential orders, Nick Fury assembles the first Avengers--Victor Creed. Namora. Krave..

117,80 TL 35,34 TL

New Avengers, Vol. 1 -70% Tükendi

New Avengers, Vol. 1

The Siege is over, and the Heroic Age has begun. So what's next for Luke Cage and the New Avengers? ..

117,80 TL 35,34 TL

Uncanny X-Men: Quarantine -70% Tükendi

Uncanny X-Men: Quarantine

The X-Men on Utopia are getting sicker and sicker and their powers are shutting down one-by-one. Wol..

100,13 TL 30,04 TL

Secret Avengers, Vol. 1: Mission to Mars Tükendi

Secret Avengers, Vol. 1: Mission to Mars

Steve Rogers has a secret: The former Captain America has assembled a special-ops team to ..

20,00 TL

Ultimate Comics Ultimates by Sam Humphries - Volume 1

A perfect jumping-on point for new readers, as American Reconstruction begins! Can the shattered nat..

20,00 TL

Captain America: No Escape Tükendi

Captain America: No Escape

Zemo and Bucky - two characters linked through history whether they like it or not. And now Zemo has..

16,00 TL

Heroes for Hire: Control Tükendi

Heroes for Hire: Control

In the aftermath of SHADOWLAND, Marvel's greatest street heroes - Punisher, Moon Knight, Shroud, Ele..

16,00 TL

A.I. Volume 1: Human After All Tükendi

A.I. Volume 1: Human After All

Hank Pym's triumph has turned to unfathomable Pandora's Box of destruction! When a brav..

17,00 TL

Avengers Academy: Arcade - Death Game

The traps are set and the dice are rolled as the vibrantly villainous Arcade decides to rebuild his ..

15,00 TL

Captain America & The Korvac Saga

Captain America: Proud member of the Avengers, but he's a man out of time, frozen for decades and un..

15,00 TL

From the Marvel Vault Tükendi

From the Marvel Vault

Five masterpieces from deep inside the Marvel vaults! Dr. Strange learns what evil lurks within wall..

15,00 TL

Captain America: America First

Collecting: three exciting tales exploring the storied history of America's greatest champion. First..

17,00 TL